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i've never felt so appreciated....

Its an amazing feeling to know that you are truely appreciated. I got the biggest thank in front of the audience tonight at my orchestra concert. I relized all the effort and work I put into this orchestra to make sure it survives was finally worth it. I was teary eyed when Joe thanked me, and by the end of the concert i couldn't stop the tears from coming. I never knew joe appreciated me so much, and felt good to have recognition for all i have done. But that wasn't the only thing that gave me the feeling that i am loved. To know that there is someone out there that thinks of you and believes in you, supports you and cares for you brings me the best feeling in the world. I have never felt this connection before, and i sometimes wonder what i would be like if i had never met him. I must hae done something to deserve this high I am on, yet i have no idea what....
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