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  • Music: was strange. yeah, thats a ood way to describe it. i was nervous all day for my concert, and the feeling never really went away.Jazz went really weell, in fact, i think we went out with a bang. We did an awesome job and i am so proud of us.Violimn solo also went well. I had to run off to change, so i missed them announcing me and ginving me roses, but i still got them. they are a really pretty red color and they are so amazingly pretty. (eep yet another reason to make the new lj crystal_red-rose) anyway. Then a cappella: not so good. I mean, our first 3 songs were fine, but we did really bad on the last one. We dropped lines(espically solo lines) and i made an idiot of myslef and sang when i shouldn't have. i guess it was good you couldn hear me, but i feel bad and like i let the entire choir. Of course, then i think of poooooor Kaitlin and the other soloist that just stopped singing ,and i don't feel as bad, but i still feel bad. Oh well, its over now, so it doesn't matter. I bought a cd of it so now i can listen to it whenever i wish. YAY!!
I have started eeping again..and i am not sure why. Probably becasue brett made me record it and then it just got me in the mood for it. I don't know. hahah...Caitlin called him my man toy today..funny!silly him and not coming...oh well.
I talked with Scott from my english class last year today, and it was kinda strange. I don't really konw what to think of him anymore. all of these people from my past are coming up again,and sometimes i just don't know what to think anymore.
Ruby took my wallet and cell phone(and by my cell i mean my moms) so i have to get that back from here tomorrow....ahhh!!
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